Are you interested in joining us? You can access the Application Form to become a candidate for the Rutgers University Beta Alpha Psi organization. You can also access the Membership Information PDF to learn more about the organization and its requirements. Feel free to contact the BAP email after reviewing the FAQ section below with any outstanding questions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to be a Junior or Senior to join the organization?

Not at all! We encourage Freshmen and Sophomores to join our organization as candidates! It is never too early to start networking and preparing for your career life. Joining early will help to improve your soft skills and develop your technical skills!

Do I need to be a Accounting, Finance, or BAIT major to join BAP?

As a candidate, you can be any major to join. However, if you are looking to be inducted, you must be a declared Accounting, Finance, or BAIT major. If you are double majoring, at least one of the majors must be Accounting, Finance, or BAIT.

Does Financial Accounting or Managerial Accounting count when calculating my major GPA?

Both Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting are considered RBS Core Classes, and therefore DO NOT count in the calculation of your major GPA. Only count 300/400 level classes in your major, but some RBS Business Core depends on your major: -Accounting (Dept 010): Calculate starting from Intermediate 1 (010:325) & above -Finance (Dept 390): Calculate starting from Financial Management for Finance Major (390:310) & above -BAIT (Dept 136): Calculate starting from MIS (136:370), Stat Methods (136:385), Operations Management (136:386), Foundations of Business Programming (136:388) & above *If you are a double major: calculate the average of all 300/400 and GPA must be above 3.0

Is there a rushing process for Beta Alpha Psi?

Rutgers Beta Alpha Psi is not part of Greek Life at Rutgers. We are a club/organization under RBS Accounting Department, which accepts any interested candidate as long as they fill out the membership application. The membership application is released in the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester and is only open for 2-3 weeks. If you are interested in joining after the application period has been closed, you will have to wait till the following semester to apply to be a BAP candidate.

I am currently a candidate/member. How can I get more involved in the organization?

We offer candidates/members interested in being more involved in BAP the option to join a committee under one of the E-Board members (President's Committee, VP Committee, Administrative Committee, Financial Comittee, Community Service Committee, and Marketing Committee). If being part of a committee interests you, applications open at the beginning of every Fall semester, so keep a lookout for that!