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We are an Accounting, Finance, and BAIT (Business Analytics and IT) Honors Society at the Rutgers University-New Brunswick with a commitment to provide candidates and members with various experiences relating to:

  • Professional Excellence

  • Mentorship

  • Social Responsibility

  • Leadership Development

  • Diverse Network

  • Friendships


Recognize outstanding academic achievements in the field of Accounting, Finance, and BAIT:

  • Promote the study and practice of professional fields related to these disciplines;

  • Provide opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing financial professionals;

  • Encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities


Beta Alpha Psi will shape the financial and business information professions by developing members into ethical, professional, and confident leaders.

Our events include:

  • Big 4 Partner Panel

  • Annual Induction Banquet

  • VITA Community Service Outreach

  • Meal Packing Community Service

  • Weekly Meetings with Employers

  • And Many More!

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